Recipe Definitions


Recipes has different labels e.g. diets, avoidances... You can filter recipes by using these labels. You can mix different labels in one parameter:labels=avoidance:groundnut,diet:lacto-vegetarian,mealType:appetizers

Available list of labels you can found bellow on this page.

Labels boosting

Whisk allows not only filter recipes by labels, but also use labels for recipes ordering. You can use the boost postfix for a label, to make recipes with this label appear more often in a result.

For example, a user has lacto-vegeterain diet and want to see more dinners:



Nutrition labels based on nutrition information of recipe such as Energy, Fat, Sugar amount.

General nutrition labels

  • nutrition:high-fiber
  • nutrition:low-energy
  • nutrition:low-sugars
  • nutrition:low-fat
  • nutrition:low-sodium
  • nutrition:diabetic-friendly


Avoidances are specific items that someone restricts from their diet. Use this parameter to return recipes that exclude one or more of the following avoidances.

  • avoidance:crustacean
  • avoidance:egg
  • avoidance:fish
  • avoidance:groundnut
  • avoidance:milk
  • avoidance:mollusc
  • avoidance:mustard
  • avoidance:sesame
  • avoidance:soybean
  • avoidance:sulphites
  • avoidance:tree-nut
  • avoidance:wheat
  • avoidance:gluten
  • avoidance:yeast
  • avoidance:alcohol
  • avoidance:caffeine


Diets are a restriction of the types of food someone eats. Use this parameter to return recipes that supports one or more diets.

  • diet:lacto-vegetarian
  • diet:ovo-vegetarian
  • diet:ovo-lacto-vegetarian
  • diet:pescatarian
  • diet:vegan
  • diet:vegetarian

Meal Types

Meal types are the classification of recipes based on variety of factors including: time of day consumed; preparation method, etc. Use this parameter to return recipes that are categorized as one or more of the following values.

  • mealType:appetizers
  • mealType:beverages
  • mealType:breads
  • mealType:breakfast
  • mealType:brunch
  • mealType:cocktails
  • mealType:condiments-and-sauces
  • mealType:desserts
  • mealType:dinner
  • mealType:lunch
  • mealType:main-course
  • mealType:salads
  • mealType:side-dishes
  • mealType:snacks
  • mealType:soups-and-stews


Cuisines are a style or method of cooking. Use this parameter to return recipes categorized as one or more of the following cuisines.

  • cuisine:asian
  • cuisine:british
  • cuisine:chinese
  • cuisine:french
  • cuisine:greek
  • cuisine:indian
  • cuisine:italian
  • cuisine:mediterranean
  • cuisine:mexican
  • cuisine:spanish
  • cuisine:thai

Cooking Skills

Cooking skill is the measure of a person’s competence in preparing and cooking foods. Recipes are graded based the following 3 skill levels. Use this parameter to return recipes that adhere to one or more of the following skill levels.

  • amateur
  • intermediate
  • advanced