OAuth Retailer Flow

This API available only for user access-token integration



Retailer graph id or name


Url to redirect user after authorization

Some retailers (e.g., Peapod) use OAuth to grant access for checkout. Whisk provides uniform OAuth flow for these retailers:

  1. Your application navigates user to Whisk's authorization endpoint, passing retailerand redirect_uri query parameters e.g.,http://login.whisk.com/retailers/oauth/v2/authorize?retailer=peapod&redirect_uri=http://example.com/oauth/callback
  2. Whisk redirects user to retailer login page, where they prompt their credentials
  3. User is redirected to the callback url passed in redirect_uri query parameter with token parameter appended, e.g., http://example.com/oauth/callback?token=d0a2bb8e-24b5-4bb9-a3a1-7f039070ac0f
  4. Now token can be used to perform checkout or get user info from retailer.