Retailers Overview

Whisk supports this list of retailers:

RetailerAvailable countriesRequire zipcodeStore inventoryCheckout flowRetailers group
InstacartUSfalsefalselanding URLtrue
AmazonFreshGB, US, DEfalsefalselanding URLfalse
ReweDEtruefalselanding URLfalse
BillaATfalsetruelanding URLfalse

Some retailers available only in specific region. To get retailer for your region please use available stores endpoint.

Column Retailers group represents a bunch of other retailers. And behaviour for all of these retailers is the same.

You can use retailer identifiers for store transfering API and for cart API.

Retailers Aliases

It is possible to use retailer aliase to skip "get available retailers" phase.

Alias should be build with this rule: [RetailrName]-[Country code] e.g. AmazonFresh-GB.

If retailr available in only one country it is possible to use only name e.g. Tesco.

Note, that only retailers which do not require zipcode can be used as aliases. You can find retailers required zipcode in the table above.

Retailers Checkout Flow

Checkout process depends on specific retailer integration. There are several types of them. You can check what flow supported for which retailer in the table above.

Via user credentials

  • your app asks user for their credentials
  • your app passes user's credentials and store items totransfer endpoint
  • result: items are added to cart on retailer's site

Via oauth token

Via landing url

Retailers group

RetailerRequire zipcodeRetailers group
InstacarttrueAcme, Albertsons, Food Lion, Giant Food, H-E-B, Hy-Vee, Jewel-Osco, Price Rite, Publix, Safeway, ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Vons