Whisk User Data

Whisk stores the following user data for every user:

First NameThe user’s first name
Last NameThe user’s last name
Display NameThe user’s display name inside Whisk
EmailThe user’s email address - used for sign up and sign in
Phone numberThe user’s personal phone number - used for sign up and sign in
PasswordThe user’s account password
Created AtThe time and date when the user was created
Updated AtThe time and date when the user was last updated
PhotoA link to the user’s uploaded image used as the account’s avatar
LanguageThe user’s preferable language in ISO 639-1 format
Location (Country)The user’s location by country code (as listed on ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
Location (Zip code)The user’s location by zip code
AgeThe user’s age
WeightThe user’s weight (imperial / metric)
HeightThe user’s height (imperial / metric)
GenderThe user’s sex: male / female / unspecified
Activity LevelThe user’s physical activity level: very light / light / moderate / active / very active
DietsA list of diet the user may follow from this list of diets
AvoidancesA list of the user’s avoidances - allergies and intolerances from this list of avoidances
Preferred IngredientsA list of the user’s preferred ingredients
Disliked IngredientsA list of the user’s disliked ingredients
Organic / non organicThe user can set his preferences for organic or non-organic products
Nutrition preferencesA list of nutrition labels preferred by user (Healthy, Low carbs, Low calories, Low fat, Low sugar, High Fiber, Low Salt, High Protein or None)
Health Habits & GoalsUser defined health goals: eat more plant-based / limit sugars / eat more whole-grain breads and cereals / eat more fiber / choose healthy fats / eat more nuts and seeds / slow carb instead of no carb / weight loss / weight gain)
Household size - number of childrenThe number of children of the user’s household
Household size - number of adultsThe number of adults of the user’s household
Favorite cuisinesA list of the user’s favorite cuisines: african / american / asian / australian / brilian / japanese / korean / latin-american / mediterranean / mexican / middle-eastern / moroccan / portuguese / southern / spanish / tex-mex / thai/ vietnamese / world-cuisine
Devices, Appliances & UtensilsA list of cooking appliances the user is cooking with: mixer / slow cooker / instant pot / joule sous vide / stove / oven / air fryer
Cooking ExperienceThe user’s cooking skill: amateur / intermediate / advanced
Cooking TimeThe user preferable time for cooking: 15 min or less / 30 min or less / 60 min or less / unlimited
Preferred RetailerThe user’s preferred retailer for grocery shopping: available retailers list here
Budget GoalsThe user’s budget preferences: budget friendly / average price / premium
Ethical PreferencesThe user’s ethical cooking preferences: low waste products / environmental effect